Affiliate Program

Earn $$money$$ by referring customers to us. Its simple. Enter or have your customer enter your affiliate ID # when filling out our instant quote form on this website. The "Affiliate ID" box is located on the top of our form. 

Your affiliate ID is your email address we have on file for you. 

Don't have an Affiliate ID? Fill out the form below to request one

How our program works:

It's simple, everytime a vehicle is shipped under your affiliate ID you will be PAID$$. You will receive payment quick and easy thru PAYPAL or we can mail you a check. The more vehicle(s) you ship with us over time...the more you will make. 

Affiliate Fees / Tier Status:

Bronze Affiliate (1-10) Vehicle(s): $25.00 per vehicle

Silver Affiliate (11-50) Vehicle(s): $30.00 per vehicle

Gold Affiliate (51-100) Vehicle(s): $40.00 per vehicle

Platinum Affiliate (100+) Vehicle(s): $50.00 per vehicle


5 Vehicle(s) are shipped using your Affiliate ID in the month of August: You will receive $125.00

10 additional Vehicle(s) are then shipped using your Affiliate ID in the month of September. You are upgraded to Silver Status and you will receive fees for (5) vehicles at $25.00 and (5) at $30.00 since the volume upgraded your status. So in the month of September you will receive $275.00.

Their are no minimums to maintain your Tier Status. Your vehicle volume is permanant and you can have vehicle(s) shipped with us whenever you want.